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280+ B-Boy Mixtapes
An A - Zed of B-Boy mixtapes from throughout the years and across the globe

'Eaters presents: B Boy FM Part 1'
A mix of old school greats, blended togther by Tuck Pendleton, of Edinburgh based outfit - EATERS
A reminder of what hip hop is about for the old heads. An education for the kids.
(also there are about 20 other
EATERS mp3s for you to check out - NICE!)

'Ego Trip's Greatest Hip-Hop Singles: 1979-1998'
A trip down memory lane. Rediscover the Hip Hop classics from Sugarhill Gang - 'Rapper's Delight' to Dilated Peoples - 'Triple Optics'

'Hip-Hop Instrumentals'
Love the track but the lyrics getting in the way?!? No worries, track down the instrumental here. Mostly features recent chart tracks however there's some classics in there too. Can't find what you're after?? No worries, They've got a requests feature too. Nice!


'Subway Art' by Martha Cooper & Henry Chalfant (1984)
" 'Subway Art, or 'The Graffiti Bible' as it's commonly known ... is considered the blueprint of the entire sub-cultural canon of graffiti art" (Evolving Styles.co.uk)

'Many of the images are today iconic masterpieces ... may have been one of the most influential art books of its time' (Eye Magazine)

'Spraycan Art' by Henry Chalfant & James Prigoff (1987)
'Spraycan Art' is the follow book up to 'Subway Art' showing the evolution of the artform to walls across the world.

'Style: Writing from the Underground' (1998)
'Style: Writing from the Underground' showcases the work of the very early N.Y.C. subway graffiti art. Rendered with the interviews and photos from the private collections of some of the early legends and pioneers of aerosol culture.

(p.s. theFWDthinkers.com do not host, upload or own any of the following videos or the websites they link to. No copyright breach is intended and any infringement(s) should be directed to the uploader/host. These external links are provided for Hip-Hop history educational/research purposes only)

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Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.
No copyright infringement intended. Promotional use only. All rights and credit go directly to its rightful owners.

'FLASHDANCE: Rock Steady Crew in the park' (1983)
The very first ever movie scene to feature Breaking and help spread the seed worldwide. This a rare extended version of that famous scene in the park. Features Ken Swift, Crazy Legs, Frosty Freeze (RIP), Mr. Freeze, Pop Master Fabel, Lil' Normski of R.S.C.

'WILD STYLE' (1983)
The original hip hop movie. Put together by Fab 5 Freddy to help tie together and show as one whole the separate hip hop elements are actually one way of being. Features Grandmaster Flash, Fab 5 Freddy, Cold Crush Brothers, Fantastic Four, Rock Steady Crew, Lee, Lady Pink, Double Trouble.....

'STYLE WARS' (1984)
The original award-winning graffiti art documentry by Henry Chalfont & Tony Silver.
New York City 1982. The battle ground of the original style-writers on the cities transit system...

'BEAT STREET' (1984)
'Beat Street' - Released 1984 its one of the first bboy/hip hop culture movies. Most of the cast are played by the original bboy and writers of the time. Features the legendary battle at the Roxy between Rock Steady Crew and The New York City Breakers..... check out the haircuts........

'BEAT THIS!' (1984)
Where did Hip Hop start, how has it evolved and who or what made Hip Hop music popular. In this unique documentary film about the history of Hip Hop is presented like never before. Feat. Afrika Bambaata, Malcom McLaren,

Mike Allen presents the cream of UK Hip Hop from way back in 1985 at the London Hippodrome. The movie features London All Stars, Rock City Crew, Wolverhampton B-Boys (incl. Goldie), Broken Glass, Mastermind Roadshow, Richie Rich, Family Quest, Afrika Bambaata, Dizzy Heights and a whole bunch more.

'BOMBIN' ' (1987)
This documentary was created circa 1987 and aired on Channel 4 (loving the old school Channel 4 logo at the start of this one... what a trip down memory lane.....). It is a follow up of sorts to the 1984 BBC documentary 'Beat This' (see above) which served as an outsiders view of Hip Hop as a new New York sub-cultural phenomenon. Here director Dick Fontaine returns to focus on the UK adoption of this Hip Hop culture and some of the conflicts created therein.

'DANCING IN THE STREET: Make It Funky' (1995)
This is part 10, the final, of BBC series, 'Dancing In the Streets'. A documentary of the rich and colourful history of Funk music in America. It sees the rise of Funk from its Soul and Gospel roots through the career of "The Godfather", James Brown and traces its steps across the West Coast (Sly & The Family Stone/ Larry Graham) and through time with the likes of "Funky Cats" such as Bootsy Collins and George Clinton. This superb yet slightly dated documentary contains archival footage of performances of the time and interviews with all concerned, commenting on Social, Theoretical and Practical aspects of this musical style.

'Battle Of The Year' (1995)
The Battle Of The Year is a platform for B-Boys and Hip Hop culture in general and an opportunity for all participants to express themselves in a peaceful and non-racist environment.

'Battle Of The Year' (1996)
The Battle Of The Year is a platform for B-Boys and Hip Hop culture in general and an opportunity for all participants to express themselves in a peaceful and non-racist environment.

'Battle Of The Year' (1997)
The Battle Of The Year is a platform for B-Boys and Hip Hop culture in general and an opportunity for all participants to express themselves in a peaceful and non-racist environment.

'Battle Of The Year' (1998)
The Battle Of The Year is a platform for B-Boys and Hip Hop culture in general and an opportunity for all participants to express themselves in a peaceful and non-racist environment.

'Kings and Toys' is a graffiti documentary directed by Michael Power. Providing an indigenous insight into the underground graffiti scene, this film incorporates unique footage from a graffiti-driven journey between the main cities of the world.
Features Futura2000, Seen, Mode2, Case2, Delta and Loomit.

'Battle Of The Year' (1999)
The Battle Of The Year is a platform for B-Boys and Hip Hop culture in general and an opportunity for all participants to express themselves in a peaceful and non-racist environment.

'THE HIP-HOP YEARS' (1999) Part1 | Part2 | Part3 | Part4
The Hip Hop Years' is a series of television documentaries made for Channel 4 in 1999.
The series was devised by David Upshal who produced, directed and narrated the series. He also produced the 33-track compilation CD which accompanied the series and co-wrote the book with Alex Ogg, also titled '
The Hip Hop Years'.
The series charts the definitive story of Hip Hop, rising from the streets of the Bronx to become, what Upshal calls, "the new Rock'n'Roll". The programmes combine archive clips and performance from TV, movies and music videos with specially shot material and interviews with key players.

'DARK DAYS' (2000)
A cinematic portrait of the homeless population who live permanently in the underground tunnels of New York City.

'FREESTYLE: The Art Of Rhyme' (2000)
From neighborhood ciphers to the most notorious MC battles, "Freestyle: the Art of Rhyme" captures the electrifying energy of improvisational hip-hop--the rarely recorded art form of rhyming spontaneously. Like preachers and jazz solos, freestyles exist only in the moment, a modern-day incarnation of the African-American storytelling tradition. Shot over a period of more than seven years, it is already an underground cult film in the hip-hop world. The film systematically debunks the false image put out by record companies that hip-hop culture is violent or money-obsessed. Instead, it lets real hip-hop artists, known and unknown, weave their story out of a passionate mix of language, politics, and spirituality.

'SCRATCH' (2001)
Scratch is a documentary film, directed and edited by Doug Pray. The film explores the world of the hip-hop DJ. From the birth of hip-hop, when pioneering DJ's began extending breaks on their party records (which helped inspire break dancing and rap), to the invention of scratching and beat-juggling vinyl, to its more recent explosion as a musical movement called turntablism, it's a story of unknown underdogs and serious virtuosos who have radically changed the way we hear, play and create music. The documentary opens with Grand Wizard Theodore (New York) telling the story of how he first introduced scratching.

Wave Twisters is a completely animated film, also known as the first turntablism-based musical. It is based on DJ Q-Bert's album of the same name.The film is entirely scripted to match the DJ Q-Bert recording.
A crew of heroes is determined to save the lost arts of Hip Hop. Break Dancing, Graffiti, MCing, and DJing from total extinction. The lost arts are being oppressed throughout inner-space by lord Ook and his evil minions the Chinheads. The dental commander Dr. Julio Azul DDS, assumed to be secretary Honey Drips, Dental Hygienist/Robot Rubbish, and Grandpa have a series of adventures, synch'd to the music. Armed with the ancient relic known as the Wave Twister (a small turntable/wristwatch, the only weapon powerful enough to defeat the enemies), they travel to the far ends of inner-space for a final confrontation with the sinister army of oppressors. The film ends with the team teaching the liberated the lost fundamentals of hip hop.

'DJ PLUS One (Scotland) becomes World DMC Champion' (2001)
Relive here the moment Edinburgh raised, DJ Plus One became the World DMC Champion 2001, after which he became one of the world famous 'Scratch Perverts'. Originally one half of the 'Dynamic Duo' with DJ Extra, who were winning Scottish DJ competitions from the ages of 15! they can be found on many of Edinburgh's 90's underground releases producing tracks and showcasing their cutting skills for local Hip Hop acts such as 'Scotland Yard', 'Penpushers' & 'Reachout'.

'THE FRESHEST KIDS: A History Of The B-boy' (2002)
'The Freshest Kids' - Documentary showing the art and history of bboying and its culture.... Features most of the original pioneers.....

'BREATH CONTROL: The History of the Human Beat Box' Trailer (2002)
Breath Control is a documentary about making music with nothing but the human voice. The human beat box is one of the key elements in the development of Hip Hop culture, alongside Dj-ing, Graffiti, Breakdancing, and MC-ing. Unfortunately, its contribution has been largely overlooked, as has the fun, expressive, human, and spontaneous dimension of Hip Hop that it represents. As the first documentary of its kind, Breath Control: The History of the Human Beat Box uses interviews, live performances, archival footage, and animation to bring to light this important and neglected ingredient of Hip Hop’s identity.
Breath Control is a half historical, half tutorial look at humans as actual instruments.

'8 MILE' (2002)
“Jimmy ‘Rabbit’ Smith Jnr (Enimem) works hard at the factory, but dreams of success in the hip hop clubs of Detroit, where the city’s best rappers battle each other with emotional-abuse rhymes as they compete for the respect of their peers. Together with his friends Future (Mekhi Phifer), Sol (Omar Benson Miller), DJ Iz (De’Angelo Wilson) and Chedder Bob (Evan Jones), they hang out and support each other in this tough neighbourhood. Rabbit moves home with his mum (Kim Basinger) and meets the street-smart Alex (Brittany Murphy) after he leaves his girlfriend. But Rabbit has his sights set on winning the 45 second rappers battle at the Shelter.”

“The average New Yorker sees upwards of 50 pieces of graffiti a day. But they never stop to think about the stories behind those pieces - this is one of those stories.”
Bomb the System is a true New York story - a feature-length cinematic poem dedicated to the art of graffiti, and to the city where it all began more than two decades ago.

'YOU GOT SERVED' is another Hollywood style streetdance movie however there are some top bboys such as CRUMBS in it...
PLOT SYNOPSIS: At Mr. Rad's Warehouse, the best Hip-Hop crews in Los Angeles compete for money and respect. But when a suburban crew crashes the party, stealing their dancers (and their moves) two fueding friends have to pull together to represent the street.

'RIZE' (2005)
'RIZE' - David Chapelle documentry about the development of new-school Hip Hop dance style, "Clown Dance" or "Krumping" as it is becoming more commonly known, developed by Tommy The Clown in 1992 in LA...

'JUST TO GET A REP' (2005)
'Just to Get a Rep' rigorously examines the love-hate relationship between graffiti and hip-hop. Hear the true story of aerosol art as told by New York's pioneers as well as today's innovators from all over the world.

'INFAMY' (2005) also see 'INFAMY' extras
INFAMY is an intense journey into the dangerous lives and obsessed minds of six of America’s most prolific graffiti artists. Directed by acclaimed filmmaker Doug Pray (“Hype!” and “Scratch”) who teamed up with writer, publisher, and graffiti guru Roger Gastman, the movie takes you deep into the world of street legends SABER, TOOMER, JASE, CLAW, EARSNOT, and ENEM.
From the streets of the South Bronx to the solitude of a San Francisco tunnel, from high atop a Hollywood billboard to North Philadelphia for a lesson in "Philly-style tags," from the Mexican border to a Cleveland train yard, INFAMY doesn't analyze or glorify graffiti... it takes you there and brings it to life.

'FROM MAMBO TO HIP-HOP: A South Bronx Tale' (2006)
"From Mambo to Hip-Hop dances through the history of a borough that nurtured mambo, which evolved into salsa, and the hip-hop that arose from the most desperate days of the South Bronx." (Jon Pareles, NEW YORK TIMES)
A film by Henry Chalfont, the co-creater of "Style Wars" (see above) and "Subway Art"

'HIP-HOP: Beyond Beats & Rhymes' (2006)
A riveting documentary that examines representations of gender roles in hip-hop and rap music through the lens of filmmaker Byron Hurt, a former college quarterback turned activist. Conceived as a “loving critique” from a self-proclaimed “hip-hop head,” Hurt examines issues of masculinity, sexism, violence and homophobia in today’s hip-hop culture.

'B.L.A.C.K: An Aboriginal Song Of Hip-Hop' (2006)
B.L.A.C.K. is a cipher scribed by independent and Indigenous Hip-hop artist, Wire MC, who urges his audience to fathom what it might mean to be Black in contemporary Australia. Through interview and observation the song is visually and dialectically deconstructed to speak of contemporary Aboriginal blackness, politics and culture. The filmmaker with his own roots in Hip-hop aligns himself with Wire MC and through a rapped narrative unravels the empowering acronym, Born Long Ago Creation's Keeper.

'BEAT KINGS: The History of Hip-Hop' (2007)
Beat Kings is a film that gives the viewer an exclusive look into the architects behind the rhyme. Hear it first hand from the musical legends that shine light on Hip Hop's brightest stars like Jay-Z, Biggie, and Nas. Beat Kings brings the public into the producers private studios as they reveal the secrets behind making hit records. Mathematics interviews stars like Just Blaze, Havoc (Mobb Deep), Trackmasters, Swizz Beatz, RZA, DJ Premier, Pete Rock, Marley Marl, Alchemist, David Banner, Easy Moe Bee, Prince Paul, and more as Beat Kings chronicles the history of beat making from its early beginnings into the 21st century.

'TURN IT LOOSE' (2007)
In September 2007, 16 of the world’s best B-Boys battle one on one in a disused power station in the heart of Soweto, South Africa, to determine who will be the next world champion. From backstage at the Red Bull BC One in Soweto, to the backstreets of Senegal, Japan, Algeria, America, France and Brazil, TURN IT LOOSE combines human drama with the visual intensity of the dance, revealing the passion, sweat and artistry needed to compete at the highest levels.

'PLANET B-BOY' (2007)
PLANET B-BOY is a feature-length, theatrical documentary that re-discovers one of the most incredible dance phenomena the world has ever seen. It takes you inside the international, underground b-boy scene happening today in Japan, France, Germany, South Korea, and the United States. We will explore the most compelling stories and characters of five of the best b-boy crews from around the globe as they prepare to face off at the BATTLE OF THE YEAR - one of the most prestigious b-boy events in the world, held annually in Germany. Along the way, we will gain a poignant insight into their lives, their friends and families, and their unique cultural and social situations that drive them to devote their entire lives to the dance. At the BATTLE OF THE YEAR - our subjects will go head to head with crews from nineteen different countries in one of the fiercest dance competitions ever seen. Ten thousand screaming fans will witness their one shot at glory and see who will be crowned the best on PLANET B-BOY.

(feat. Bboy Casper & Bboy Havoc) A young breakdancer hits his head during a talent show and slips into a coma for twenty years.
Waking up in 2006, he looks to revive his and his crew's career with the help of his girlfriend and parents

A documentary by Sebastian Peiter. Filmed in New York, London, Paris, Sao Paulo and Tokyo.
A new generation of street artists are the latest hot property of art collectors and advertising brands.
Featuring Futura 2000, Rammellzee, Banksy, Os Gemeos, Space Invader, Barnstormers, Espo, WK Interact, Zevs, Blek Le Rat, André, Noki, Miss Van.
The film portrays a new generation of street artists led by UK stencil artist Banksy, whose artworks achieve record prices at auction houses like Sotheby’s and who is collected by Damien Hirst and celebrities Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt. GUERILLA ART reveals how street artists have developed a unique system of economic survival. Their works are bought by young peers and new collectors.

'The Ghostvillage Project' by Agents Of Change (2009)
The Ghostvillage Project was created over 3 days on the west coast of Scotland. 6 artists - Timid, Remi/Rough, System, Stormie Mills, Juice 126, Derm - were given free reign to paint in an abandoned 1970s village. Working together on huge collaborative walls and individually in hidden nooks and crannies all over the site the artists realised long held dreams and were inspired by the bleakness and remoteness of the site. Drawing on the history of the village the artists' stated intent on completion of the project was to populate the Ghostvillage with the art and characters that it deserved.

'B-Girl' (2009)
A story about a female breakdancer overcoming a brutal attack to claim her place in the world of underground hip-hop.

'EVO: The Strength To Inspire' (2009)
Evo has been an inspiration to so many B-Boys, and if you've never seen him, or never seen classic B-Boying at its best watch this movie.
In the late 1980's B-boying faded out of Britain in a haze of inglorious mediocrity. A few battle hardy teenagers kept a torch burning into the 1990's, awaiting the opportunity to shine once more. Amongst such legends as Street Machine, and alongside the mythical Storm and Swiftrock, a humble, quietly spoken B-boy emerged and so began the revolution. Evo obliterated his opponents with a mixture of style, musicality and incredible power. He won three world titles and the reputation of British B-boying was taken to a new level.

'Exit Through The Gift Shop' (2010)
EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP: A Banksy Film is a film directed by Banksy that tells the story of Thierry Guetta, a French immigrant in Los Angeles, and his obsession with street art. The film charts Guetta's constant documenting of his every waking moment on film, from a chance encounter with his cousin, the artist Invader, to his introduction to a host of street artists with a focus on Shepard Fairey and Banksy, whose anonymity is preserved by obscuring his face and altering his voice, to Guetta's eventual fame as a street artist himself. The film premiered at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival on 24 January, 2010. It is narrated by Rhys Ifans. The music is by Geoff Barrow. It includes Richard Hawley's "Tonight The Streets Are Ours". The film was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature at the 83rd Academy Awards.
There has been debate over whether the documentary is genuine or a mockumentary. (blurb from Wikipedia)

'Life Of Rhyme' (2011)
Life of Rhyme explores British MC culture and its unique contribution to spoken word and poetry, be it via rap, jungle, drum and bass, garage or grime.
Presented by rap and hip hop artist Akala, the documentary celebrates the incredible flourishing of lyricism and poetry amongst British youth, as evidenced by the success and popularity of artists from Roots Manuva, Wiley and Dizzee Rascal to Tinie Tempah, Wretch 32 and Devlin. Featuring a mixture of performance, interview and actuality, the film explores the history of how this scene has developed, evolved and exploded into the mainstream; and the power of words to motivate and inspire.From an underground 'battle' to a teacher in Folkestone using grime lyrics to teach an English lesson, Life of Rhyme illustrates that at heart and at its best, the art of UK MC culture is a poetic representation of modern British life, and not a pale home-grown imitation of an American import. (blurb from Channel 4 website)
There has been debate over whether the documentary is genuine or a mockumentary. (blurb from Wikipedia)


Events & Competitions:
StyleTrial LOGO - Bboy Battles & Events
Scotland's underground Breaking & Hip Hop dance events

Scottish Dance Organisations:
www.dancebase.co.uk (Scotland's National Centre For Dance)
Dance Base is an Edinburgh based dance organistion, hosting daily dance classes (all styles), events, residencies, perfmances etc for all levels of dancer, beginner to professional

Dance House is a Glasgow based dance organistion, hosting daily dance classes (all styles), events, residencies, perfmances etc for all levels of dancer, beginner to professional

Breakin' Convention has been producing THE critically acclaimed International Festival of Hip Hop Dance Theatre since 2004 at SADLER'S WELLS, featuring the very best, most influential artists in the world of Hip Hop. Artistic director and MC JONZI D hosts the festival, presenting crews from every street corner of the globe!
Breakin' Convention work year round presenting and producing - Festival, UK Tour, The Pioneers, Breakin' Convention HUBs.

News and views from the UK Bboy scene

The British BBoy Association: Documenting the history of the UK BBoy Scene from the early 1980's to the present day.
check out the TIME LINE!!!

Ken Swift (7 Gems/ex-RSC) brings the true original style of the bboy dance style to the next generation. Breaklife is a dance studio in New York that has workshops in original styles delivered by the pioneers and masters of the artform to keep the spirit and essence of the original dance alive... A must for all seekers of true bboy knowledge...


DR. BEAT is a member of Scottish B-Boy crew, the Flyin' Jalapenos, who represent all elements of Hip-Hop culture.

The Bad Taste Cru hail from Omagh, Northern Ireland, but are currently based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK. The BTC have been together since 1990 as a graffiti and skate cru, but got into BBoying in late 98' and have been dancing ever since.

SIN Cru is a collective of Bboys & Bgirls, DJs, MCs and Graffiti artists founded in 1995.

The 'Thrown Down Rockers' are from Sweden and have been rocking it for over 20 years. Super Fresh Styles!


Alhabet Alchemists LOGO - Aerosol / Graffoti Art Gallery & Resource
A 'Hall Of Fame' gallery of Graffiti Art from Scotland and beyond

Over 20 years of Scottish burners...

The forward thinking, AGENTS OF CHANGE are a 7-man Graffiti Arts collective. 7 Artists, 7 minds, 7 styles combining to make 1

AN ONLINE resource for graffiti photos, stencil art photos, spraycan art photos and street art photos alongside graffiti artist interviews and music producer interviews.

URBNFABRIK is a respectful community of creative Graffiti Artists who are passionate about sharing the artwork they create.


Graffiti Art from Copenhagen. Also 'SKETZH': the movie & 'MINI GRAFF': the movie. FRESH!!!

The Cyber Bench - documenting New York City Graffiti

Mr Wiggles (Rock Steady Crew) gives a history lesson in drawing graffiti using old school original NY handstyle techniques...

The first and original Graffiti site on the net since 1994. Probably the best and most extensive Graffiti Art resource online.

The Graffiti Projects takes some of todays top writers and gives them a forum to produce new ideas using their "projects" - 'Revamp The 90's' and 'The Exchange'..... it'll only make sense if you check it

Important(?) News For Today’s Active Graffiti Writer

Graffiti Webzine & Store. Daily graffiti pictures and news. Also offers an online shop for graffiti supplies and a graffiti forum.


Scottish Graffiti Writer & Visual Artist

3D king from the UK

The original stencil king... quoted in the UK press as being an "art terrorist"

The original 3D king from Germany

Graffiti Art from France showing the portfolio of MR. STACK aka KEUSTA.

3d organic insect style Graffiti Art from Germany


Beatboxer extraordinaire from Glasgow

Glasgow based champion winning DJ

Glasgow based MC

Edinburgh MC since since the mid-90s who repped with original 'Scotland Yard' which later reformed as 'Yard Emcees'

Edinburgh based DJ, Producer & Skater since the 90s.

Edinburgh based MC since since the mid-90s who repped with the original 'Scotland Yard' and later as part of 'Great Ezcape' and currently on his own label 'Cloak X Dagger'

"The greatest soul singer in the UK" - Giles Peterson (24.11.10)


Online Database and Marketplace for Music on Vinyl, CD, Cassette, MP3 and more.....

'EXPLORING & DISCUSSING THE DNA OF MUSIC' Recognise that drum breaks or trumpet loop but can't quite put you finger on what the original is...?? Then WhoSampled.com is for you. This online database breaks down any track into its component samples and gives you and automatic link to the full original track. Very detailed info of each sample presented in an interactive and user0friendly way. Enjoy!


Edinburgh based Independant Label. Artist include: Penpushers, Nasty P, 7VWWVW, David Jack, The Magnificents, Iglomat, Antimc


Edinburgh based Hip Hop Artist agency


browse and buy original graffiti, urban, street art, designer toys, prints, stickers, clothing

"MONSTER COLORS are the UK's premier supplier and manufacturer of the highest quality Aerosol Art products in the land. Furthermore MONSTER COLORS prides itself on being the only UK owned Aerosol Art paint manufacturer. They put back into the UK scene what they take out, sponsering events, youth art groups, county councils, local authorities and writer's up & down the country"

A webstore for all your Bboy / Bgirl clothing & accessory needs. If you've been looking for a 'Mock Neck' or a 'HeadSpin Hat' you've come to the right place.

Graffiti Webzine & Store. Daily graffiti pictures and news. Also offers an online shop for graffiti supplies and a graffiti forum.


'Scottish Hip-Hop'
The Scottish manifestation of Hip Hop culture as defined on Wikipedia.
Covers some of the recent history and scenes of the main Scottish cities.

'watch DJ PLUS One (Scotland) become World DMC Champion' (2001)
Relive here the moment Edinburgh raised, DJ Plus One became the World DMC Champion 2001, after which he became one of the world famous 'Scratch Perverts'. Originally one half of the 'Dynamic Duo' with DJ Extra, who were winning Scottish DJ competitions from the ages of 15! they can be found on many of Edinburgh's 90's underground releases producing tracks and showcasing their cutting skills for local Hip Hop acts such as 'Scotland Yard', 'Penpushers' & 'Reachout'.


An online database archive of classic vintage Boomboxes from 'back in the day'

'Style, Technique, and Cultural Piracy: Never Bite the Hand that Feeds'
An article by 'Sonik' featured on Art Crimes

'Temple Of Hip-Hop'
The 'Temple Of Hip-Hop' was founded by KRS One, who is a philosopher, activist, author, lecturer and conscious emcee. Since founding the famous Hip Hop act 'Boogie Down Productions' in the mid-1980's has released 19 albums and started the 'Stop The Violence Movement' in 1988

'Universal Zulu Nation'
The 'Universal Zulu Nation' is an International Hip Hop Awareness Movement started by Afrika Bambaataa
It aims to promote postive existance & representation of Hip Hop culture in society through the basic principles of: